It’s movie time!

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Feb 242012
Spend 30 minutes with IPv6 every Friday!

The net is turning into a video distribution network. A lot of it is peer to peer – video calls. As you know, this is not only growing in the enterprise with products from Cisco, Microsoft and other players but also in the home and on the cell phones. IPv6 is a natural platform for the future of these multimedia rich applications. Unfortunately, youtube is only available on that old IPv4 network (unless you are reading this after the 2012 World IPv6 Launch). To turn IPv4 on, go to Configuration | Network | Deprecated | Protocols | IPv4 and turn it on. It’s easy to find, right after DecNET and before Netware IPX and SNA. 

This week, we’re going to invite you to spend 15 minutes – or more – watching a few videos that we feel give you a good heads-up on IPv6 – the importance, elegance and benefits of it. As a friend said: “This is our chance to clean up many years of patching. The mess in the corporate networks is causing high costs, especially the management of the various NATted networks.” Starting new is not always bad.

Vint Cerf: “You clearly need more addresses and IPv6 is the only solution”

This video is produced for the Google IPv6 Implementor’s conference in June 2010. Vint Cerf co-created TCP/IP and thus also the Internet. He is now Chief Internet Evangelist at Google.

The conference includes a lot of interesting talks. Put some pop corn in the microwave and see all the videos that are available on the conference agenda.

Marc Blanchet: NAT64 and DNS64

Marc has been working with IPv6 and the transition for many years. He has written many books on the subject and done both coding, IETF RFC authoring and many other things related to IPv6. In this talk, also from the Google IPv6 implementors conference, you will get an introduction to NAT64/DNS64, a technology I believe has a large role in the future – to reach the old IPv4 network from the new shiny IPv6 Internet.

Cisco: IPv6 – Are you ready?

Just for fun, I can’t skip this video. Take a SIP of tea and click play! And don’t be scared – there’s a bagel crime involved…

…And much more

If you search IPv6 on YouTube you will find quite a lot of videos in many languages. Check the Hurricane Electric webcasts – they are short and  very informative. The Swedish Internet foundation (.SE) has published a lot of talks from many IPv6 conferences – most of the videos are in Swedish so they will be limited to a smaller audience, but there’s one  with Sandeep Singhal, Microsoft that I really recommend – and he’s speaking English. It’s longer than 15 minutes, but it’s worth it. He not only describes the level of IPv6 support in Microsoft products but talks about the way there, how IPv6 is now mandatory for all Microsoft developers and lessons learned on the way.

That’s it for today. There’s no reason not to learn IPv6 and there’s so much free material out there. Today, I’ve pointed you to the large amounts of videos that help you learn and get deeper into IPv6. Have a great IPv6 Friday!



PS. Please don’t forget to turn on your cell phone after you leave the theatre. And turn off IPv4 again. No one really understands what’s going on when you have that stuff activated. 😉