Sep 072012
Spend 30 minutes with IPv6 every Friday!

This week started in Ireland. I spent a few days discussing various projects with business partners in Dublin and suddenly one of them said: “Why not add IPv6? It will give us a competitive edge!” First I felt stupid for not bringing that up myself. Then I felt joy. They had listened to me and understood. Wow. Sometimes it gets even better, when you read articles on the web and feel “this is better than I could have written it. Much better”. This week I will make it easy for myself – I will just point you to another web site.

“As listed above, businesses that continue to depend on IPv4 as their primary address are at risk of encountering several business challenges. This can include increased costs, limited website functionality, and the inability to penetrate emerging markets.”

Go read this article:

Top 5 reasons your business needs to adopt IPv6

See you in a week!



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