Jun 222012

During midsummer, Sweden closes everything. We go out - regardless of the weather - and dance around a pole. We drink, eat and enjoy ourselves together with friends. Sometimes we freeze like crazy. The sun doesn't go down, really. The evening is bright and lovely, flowers everywhere. We do enjoy the summer's arrival after a long dark winter. Don't talk about winter. It's depressing. Let's go back to summer. I have put shorts and t-shirt on to get ready and will now drive a few hours north to be with relatives and burn some food on the grill, enjoy their company and forget everything about IPv6. I recommend you to do the same this weekend.Sorry, but the kitchen is closed.

Today it’s midsummer in Sweden. You know, that day of the year when the sun shines all night and we party around. It’s simply not a good time to write about IPv6 – it’s time to celebrate and party with friends. I have all my IPv6 tunnels ready and have public IP addresses for everyone that shows up. I’ll be back next week with some new IPv6 tips & tricks!


Have a great weekend!



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