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The IPv6friday.org blog is written by Olle E. Johansson, Edvina. You can follow it with an RSS feed, on Twitter (unfortunately only on IPv4), Facebook and Google+.

Olle E. Johansson, Edvina.net

About Olle E. Johansson

Olle has more than 20 years of experience with TCP/IP networking and was one of the early promotors of IPv4 as opposed to other network stacks, like DECnet, IBM SNA and Novell Netware. Being one of the persons that caused the success of IPv4 that lead to the issues we have today, he also takes a personal interest in promoting IPv6.

Olle is a consultant, working with IPv6, SIP Realtime Communication and Network Security. He has built several large scale VoIP platforms for Universities in Portugal and Norway, Call Center Platforms and infrastructure for VoIP providers. He frequently use Open Source software and participates in several projects. He teaches and speaks at conferences around the world.

Olle is the president of the Swedish IPV6 Forum. You can follow him on Twitter.

About Edvina

Edvina builds customized platforms for realtime Internet communication. By using open standards for communication, based on the TCP/IP protocol suite defined by the IETF, we believe that our customers get long-term solutions that interoperates with current and future solutions. The best implementations of these protocols are often made by Open Source projects, which is why we are active in many projects and contribute as active members.

Edvina works with training, development and systems integration. We often build our solutions in tight partnership with our customers, and work with their team to build their knowledge and to make them able to receive and manage the systems as we move on to new projects.

Edvina ABWe favour long-term partnerships and are founders of the Open Unified Communication Alliance – a network of companies working with the same tools and technologies. By working together, we build better solutions for our customers, regardless of location, business and in-house platforms.

Our vision is named Open Unified Communication – learn more about it!

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